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Welcome to Newbrook Asylum. There are all kinds of people here; sociopaths and drug addicts, nymphomaniacs and people suffering from depression. They’re all here for one reason- to get better. Most don’t want to be here but they have no choice but to stick it out and hope that they might get better

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uremydilemma asked: can i reserve Nadine Turne?:)

Sure can :)

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jasmine-price asked: Can i reserve Gabrielle Hale?

She’s been taken, sorry. Is there someone else you want? 

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Nadine Turner/Narcissistic personality disorder/18/Selena Gomez/OPEN

Nadine was always what most people call ‘self-centred’. She always put herself as number one and was willing to let other people suffer as long as she got what she wanted. As she got older, it just got worse and soon she couldn’t carry out a conversation without turning it into something about her. Nadine’s parents soon got concerned and took her to a doctor who explained her disorder and suggested Newbrook. Her parents agreed and she found herself at Newbrook. She’s extremely angry to be here and doesn’t see that anything is wrong with her.

Unfollow Nadine.

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lecaleb asked: Hey boss! I just want to let you and everyone else know that I may be a bit slow these next few days (100% absent on Tuesday and Wednesday) because I am getting ready to leave on Holidays (Flight is on Tuesday) for a month. BUT! I will not be absent all month as I will have my laptop with me and be on whenever my host is at work. I hope that is alright. c:

That’s fine, thanks for letting me know :)

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oliviagreen-wildimagination-dea asked: Olivia :) I can't access the follow list :(

Thank youu, here it is: :) x

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Olivia Green/Hallucinations/19/Jade Olivia (Gordon)/TAKEN

Olivia is pretty much a very sweet and loving girl. She seems innocent but she’s not completely innocent. She lives a normal life, she is actually very popular and smart. She was a cheer leader in her old school who was actually dating a nerd instead of a jock. The not so common cheer leader, that she was. Other people hated her for dating that nerd but she didn’t mind. Who still won Prom Queen? She did. Olivia’s life was pretty much perfect, she had the basic needs most girls want. Beauty and Brains. She also had the money and she had the boyfriend but there is this one more thing. He wild imagination, she loves to imagine things that one day she thought that it was all real. This caused her boyfriend to break up with her when he found out about these so called hallucinations she gets. Olivia grew up friendless, that is why she kept imagining friends for her to play with. In short, she was a loser when she was a kid but then she became real popular in high school. The good part there is that Olivia wasn’t the type who changed because of the sudden fame but she still continued to imagine even when she already had real friends. She would even imagine that there was an apple on the teachers table when there really wasn’t. It seems like a minor sickness, it is but sometimes when she has nightmares; the day after that, she’ll suddenly re-enact what happened in her dreams. Most are murders, the good thing there is that she didn’t kill. he never have killed anyone. She actually harmed herself instead of other people. As in the victim and the killer itself was her all in one package.

Olivia Green- Accepted :)

Name: Ellie
Age: 15
Timezone: +8:00
Activity: 8/10
Character name: Olivia Green
Character age: Nineteen
Face claim:  Jade Olivia (Gordon) 
Illness: Hallucinations

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zachary-mason-deactivated201202 asked: Zachary here!

Thank youu(:

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